The Power PDF is now available!

Are you looking for the right deliverable to send to prospects after your first contact? It’s a tricky position of giving your value prop, but not sounding too pushy. Let a Power PDF do the work for you.

We’ve been developing flyers, brochures, catalogs, and just about every other medium you can think of here at KJN Arts for years. Lean on our experience coupled with your brands products and services to generate a killer 1 page PDF that will capture your prospects attention and keep them on the path for your sales funnel.

Technology Marketing Brochures

Our process is simple. Once you order your 1 page brochure we send you a questionnaire that helps us identify what you are offering, and how you want to position it to your audience. We follow that up with a 30 minute consultation to solidify your messaging and objectives. 72 hours later you will have a first draft in your hands for changes. Once we make your updates we will send you the final brochure in PDF form and you are ready to sell!

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Leveraging Technology with your Marketing Plans

It’s a wireless world out there. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops are no longer for the techies. Everyone and their grandmother are connected to their favorite piece of hardware and using it relentlessly until that battery is depleted.

iTechnologyHere on the East Coast that was painfully obvious when Superstorm Sandy took 10-14 days of electricity from most of us. Where do you charge up? That’s what I heard from most people who saw me with working technology. “Car Charger” was my most popular answer. People scurried around looking for outlets to plug into and it made me realize just how much the average person now relies on computers and technology.

The question I post to you today is this:

How are you improving marketing for your personal brand or business, with technology? 

I’m going to discuss a few ways and then open up the comments section below for people to chime in with their favorite ways to use technology to promote their interests.

Cell phone Apps = Marketing on the Go. Using apps like Pinterest and Instagram you can show people visually what you are up to at any given moment with a snap of a pic and a few clicks. It’s the ultimate branding tool and it shows proof of what your brand is all about.

Work in a hot industry with celebrities? Take a quick picture and send that baby into the social media universe and maybe you
get lucky and it goes viral. Invent or design something cool? People are bound to be interested in seeing it. The engagement from social media alone is a thousand times what you could have accomplished before the smartphone era.

Use apps from LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, and every other applicable social network to your advantage. Mobile Marketing has grown to a new stratosphere.

Cold Calling Still Works!

Call_CenterAnd you can leverage that same smartphone to keep your communication lines open on the go. There is a huge marketing machine out there saying that telemarketing is dead. They couldn’t be further from the truth. If you have a cheap product, yes, you can use the internet for a big chunk of your business and never speak to someone if you choose.

If you are in the business services industry you still need to convince people to sign contracts with you to get the job and earn a living. Use that smartphone next time you are in the park on a break, look up a company you think is a good fit, and give them a call. You might be surprised what kind of results you get. When a huge market share abandons a methodology like telemarketing, it’s only making it that much easier for you to get that call put through to a decision-maker.

Use the Internet to join Industry groups. This is a simple one but you would be amazed how many people just don’t do it. Are you a Graphic Designer? Go to the Freelancers Union and sign up. This goes for any line of work you may be in. You can also join geo-based groups for New Yorkers, Californians, Texans, you name it there are business support groups out there if you only take a moment to identify them and sign up.

Some do cost money, that is something you need to weigh for yourself on an individual basis and I can’t really help you there with the validity of  Group X. Suffice to say if the membership rates warrant what you will get out of it, go for it and make those connections.

Do you offer something nobody else in your local areas group has?

You are ahead of the game. Did you just find 2 big fish in your industry trolling these events making you and your business feel small? Forget that and learn from them. See what they are doing successfully that you’re not! Never allow yourself to feel bullied in life or in business. Business Bullies are the most unnoticed in society. Everyone discounts it as It’s Just Business, Nothing Personal.. yeah sure. Tell that to the guy who spends $1500 to network at a conference to have some bozo make him feel unwelcome. Get active in what will drive your brand awareness up.

Do you have a way you like to use technology to your advantage promoting your personal brand of business? Write a comment below and share with the rest of us.

Welcoming Thomas Hayes, Director of Sales

Big day here at KJN Arts. We would like to welcome Tom to the KJN Arts family as our new (and first) Director of Sales.

Tom HayesKnown to his friends as a Professional Kid with more than 64 years of experience, Tom Hayes’ greatest achievement has been just getting this far! After losing his leg to cancer at the age of 13, Tom embarked on an ambitious and fearless journey.

During his 27 year career at Fuji Medical Systems, Tom grew what started as a $200,000 territory into one worth more than $50,000,000.

Along with traveling the world pursuing extreme sporting adventures and being able to speak four languages, Tom is a nationally recognized comedian, magician, impostor, writer, entrepreneur, and motivational and keynote speaker.

Performing everywhere from comedy clubs to corporations, clinics to classrooms Tom     brings with him the experience and expertise to make your event one to remember. Combining classic and customized material, Tom’s act is adaptable for everyone from children to CEOs.

We are very excited for turning this corner at KJN Arts with Tom and his unending positive energy. He is the perfect addition to our team and will be leading our Sales team and helping us expand our existing line of Visual and Content Marketing services.