Don’t Screw your Customers

Something I have always preached to clients and throughout my professional career is really simple: Don’t Screw Your Customers.

Easy to say from 50,000ft up but how you handle it on a personal level is what will define your company. I’m not talking about calling back in under 10 minutes or replying to a support ticket within 60 seconds. That’s more of an operations issue, anyone can fix that.

The Problem? Building Brand Loyalty

Angry CustomersWhat am I talking about? Building real brand loyalty with your customers so they come back for more, and recommend their friends and business colleagues.

Everyone is in business for one reason or another. We are all selling our products and services to the markets we have chosen to be in.

The problem I find often from a marketing perspective is that so many companies are just itching so bad for that quick sale, they are missing out on the long term opportunities. You may earn a couple extra bucks today, but you are losing out exponentially in the future.

There is a big difference here. Everyone is going to say, “Well Steve they hired our company so don’t they already trust us?”

No. They don’t. They are still taking a chance.

All the references and past projects in the world won’t matter at all if THEIR project implodes, for whatever the reason may be. That generally happens from a lack of communication, goal setting, and timeline management. If your customer has to ask you over and over when something will be done, ready, or changed; you are failing big time.

The Solution? Become a Customers Trusted Partner

When new clients come to KJN Arts the first thing we do is a consultation. I don’t care if it’s a $500 brochure or a $50,000 website, rebranding, and marketing package.

We do a full consultation first. Why? We want to understand more than just the project in front of us. Corporate culture, potential approval issues, existing preferences, brand standards if they have them already, and a host of other questions come into play here.

How do I solve the 101 questions during that first date stage with a new client? It’s really simple. A detailed questionnaire outlining the project scope, options, questions, background, and any other details that pertain to what we are working on. Typically it takes a client 30 minutes to an hour to fill out but it saves everyone a big chunk of time.

Now when we have our consultation session we have not only been trained by our client before the call, we can now ask more detailed and thought provoking questions to give the project the Visual Marketing edge that we pride ourselves on.

For your brand of business, what you ask and need to know will change. For most consultative business models this approach will vastly improve your results in client retention and their overall positive experience when working with you.

Affiliate Program is now Live

Today we are introducing the KJN Arts Inc Affiliate Program. For the past year we have been using what amounts to a referral system, and it has worked well.

Now that we have started automating our purchasing system for services like Web Design and Marketing Deliverable pre-set packages it only makes sense for us to do the same with how you send people to us.

AffiliateIt’s a tracking link system similar to how Amazon works and is part of our WHMCS backend billing system. Do you know someone that needs our professional design and marketing services? Send them over with a link and we track the rest for you. You can log onto your Affiliate profile, copy your affiliate link, check out stats, and setup your account information.

Another change to our internal process is that we will now offer a commission on all recurring products as well. Just a handful of mid-priced website referrals could net you a nice check at the end of every month.

Commission Rates

Smaller prices campaigns and projects the rate is generally 10% and for our larger services it is 15%. We will be setting up an information page/FAQ soon to answer all Affiliate Program questions. Have a question today? Email us,

For Companies who don’t want $ but like to refer our services

Still make sure you have someone sign up to our system. We will donate your referral checks to a charity of your choice. It’s simple. We send you a 1 page form to sign and notarize back to us so it is official and we will donate all commissions in your companies name.

[hr] Thank you to all who have referred, supported, and have become valuable clients. We appreciate your continued support.

Join the KJN Arts Affiliate Program by clicking here.

Forget Fan Boys, You Want Brand Champions!

I’m not going to tell you that Fan Boys are a bad thing, they’re not. You will get awesome exposure, faithful followers, as well as great product advice and breakdown from them as a collective. They are there for you and love what you do.

Why not give them a proper name? Brand Champions

brand championsThey want the same thing. Stark raving mad fans of your products or services that will go out on the internet and be a never-ending spout of positivity for the brand. I really doubt they are 100% male so calling them Fan Boys seems a bit disingenuous to the ladies who support you. A fan is a fan. They love what you do equally.

Fan Boys, as a term, is DEAD!

Brand Champions? That’s all-inclusive. It’s also the truth. They are heroes supporting your brand in a way nobody else can or will. They also bring you new business because they’re the ones showing off on social media, at the local store or event, and anywhere else they can. Why? They love your stuff!!!

Give them the tools for success

This is something I see missing from way too many brands. Let’s break it down for a moment.

  1. You have a product people love
  2. The people who love it, are social
  3. They look to you for things to share

So what are you giving your fans beyond your product or service? I’m not talking physical items or trade show styled trinkets. What I am talking about is online and digital goods they can download and share with others to help promote your brand and give back a little something.

You could include downloadables like: wallpapers, info graphics that are on topic to your brand champions needs (think tax info graphic for an accounting firm, or activity sheets for a children’s website), white papers and detailed product use guides, and more. Be creative. Your own brand determines the types of items you would have available.


Brand Champions. It’s a new term for an existing entity. Show your customers and enthusiasts the respect they deserve with a title fitting for your business.

OMAI USA’s first step toward eCommerce

OMAI USA has been one of our clients for many years. We have a long standing work relationship with them. It’s where KJN Arts was originally created so there is always a special place in our hearts for wanting them to be a success in everything they do.

eCommerce was something OMAI USA has had an interest in for a while now. The question is; as a C-level Telemarketing firm, how do we go about making that transition in a smooth way? Most of the eCommerce enabled telemarketing companies (if not the vast majority) are companies where the calls take place out of country with low quality callers. Never before has a C-suite group of former marketing executives to my knowledge gone this route. That is about to change.

First of course, update the website to something more conducive for eCommerce that can handle the extra link infrastructure, pages, etc. Check out how their new website looks below:

Outsource Marketing Associates Inc.


Stage 1 is almost complete, we have the revamped OMAI USA website up and running on the new platform. A few edits here and there but no big obstacles came up during the transition. We are a meeting or two shy of having the rest of the content and packaged services complete and ready for the web. For the first time you will be able to purchase C-suite level telemarketing with just a few simple clicks.

Featured Client – Beantown Pals / All Mighty Productions

KJN Arts very excited about this project with Beantown Pals / All Mighty Productions. From an artistic perspective who doesn’t want a toy and children’s company as a client? Of course you do! We’re getting full reign here to pull this IP together and update the brand soup to beans. They’ve turned down offers from huge TV properties already knowing that if they want to maximize their return the branding needs to be spot on before having those bright lights shining down on every little detail.

Beantown Pals logo

Time for a complete overhaul!

We’re also doing a complete marketing and branding overhaul. We started with a breakdown of the existing marketing plan, what has been working well and what has been failing. It’s a powerful branding session and in the always competitive children’s market you need to have a game plan now more than ever before. After a series of workshops we now have the branding and messaging plan in place including: logo, packaging, marketing, social media, web design.

It may be for KJN Arts our client with the largest amount of content available to us to use as inspiration and branding. That’s the visual nature of any children’s property. Using that content, 10 years worth, and bringing it up to speed in a viable format for the web to create engagement is the trick and what we do best.

The process is already underway! New website has started to take form at Beantown Pals ( and we’re branding out the social media sites one by one. The amount of content we still have to go through, update, and post is staggering but time is on our side!